Alex Moiseyev, left, contemplates his next move against Tim Laverty in a checkers world title match over the weekend in Albemarle. None/ (Click for larger image)

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Published: July 09, 2008 10:38 am   - (link)

Moiseyev captures world title in Albemarle   

By B.J. Drye, Managing Editor

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 — Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, Ohio left Albemarle over the Fourth of July weekend with two world titles.

Moiseyev, already recognized as the 3-Move world champion, defeated Tim Laverty of Sanford in the 2008 Elbert Lowder Memorial 11-Man Checkers World Title Match held at Sleep Inn July 3-5. Moiseyev and Laverty split prize money of $510, with Moiseyev receiving 60 percent. They also received complimentary hotel rooms and meals from various local eateries.

Referee J.R. Smith of Greensboro reports that Laverty was confident and prepared, but with this being his first attempt at a world title, his inexperience and nervousness may have played in Moiseyev’s favor.

While one game lasted four hours — two hours each side — other games lasted only an hour or less.

Moiseyev jumped to a commanding early lead, winning the first five rounds (10 games). Laverty was only able to draw round 6, games 11 and 12, making it impossible to even draw the match. He conceded the last day of play.

Moiseyev had five wins and seven draws to capture the title.

“Apparently Alex brought his ‘A’ game to town, driving eight hours and 470 miles from Dublin, Ohio to Albemarle. He definitely came to play checkers,” Smith said.

This same world title escaped Moiseyev in 2002 when he challenged Elbert Lowder in a world championship match in Richmond, Ky. Lowder won with six wins and eight draws in the 20-game match.

Lowder, an Albemarle native, was a five-time U.S. National champion and a 34-time North Carolina champion. Lowder died in December 2006, still 11-man checkers champion.

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