The News and STV.TV/Scotland/North - Alberdeen and North aired these draughts events on July 20, 2009.  The article and TV coverage was about Stonehaven hosting the British & Irish Freestyle Draughts Championship and the Scottish Open.  These two events were held back to back in the Town Hall Stonehaven, Scotland.   The British & Irish Freestyle 18th- 19th and the Scottish Open 20th - 24th July, 2009.  Graham Young / Colin Young and the Aberdeen Draughts Club organized and sponsored these draughts championship events.  View the Video.

High tension at Draughts Championships
“Stonehaven is hosting the British and Irish Freestyle Draughts Championship.”
20 July 2009 18:22PM

Top draughts players from across Europe descended on a north-east coastal town to battle for first prize in a national competition.

A tense silence settled over Stonehaven Town Hall this weekend as competitors gathered for the British and Irish Freestyle Draughts Championship. Competitors had eight games over two days to prove their worth and win the crown.

Aberdeen Draughts Club president Graham Young was happy to see the competition remains popular, but with 14 participants, said organisers would like to see many more people get involved.

He said: “The Aberdeen club has only nine members and we are one of two clubs in the country.

“We are always looking for more members. One or two will come in and last a wee while and then disappear again.”

Chairman of the English association, and referee over the weekend, Ian Caws, said: “A lot of people play draughts on the internet but don’t commit to the clubs.

“The standard is very high and someone coming in at the beginning is going to find it pretty hard to get established.”

While golf favourite Tom Watson almost secured first place at the Open in Turnberry - his namesake was competing for the top prize at Stonehaven.

Leading Scottish player Tom Watson from Glasgow swept the board, claiming first prize for the freestyle championship.

Tom Kee, from Ireland, took second prize and Frank Moran, also from Ireland, was third.

Up to 30 participants from all over the world are expected to arrive in Stonehaven for the week-long Scottish Open Draughts Championship, which begins today.

The open competition, where players pick cards which determine the first three moves on the board, is the most popular form of the game.

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