2008 DC Pool Checker Club's Annual Ty & Picnic

August 16th 2008,
Haines Point SW Washington, DC

Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 12:39 PM
Subject: DC's Checker Club Annual Picnic

Hello all,
       You are all invited to the DC Checker Club's Annual Picnic. The Picnic will be held at Haines Point SW Washington, DC. The date: Saturday August 16, 2008 until dark. The finest Checker Players from around the Country are expected to attend. There will be players from New york, New Jersey, Connecticut, North and South Carolina, and as far as the mid-West.
     In addition to good Checker playing, the food is "Finger Licking Good". So, it is a rare combination of good Checker playing, good food, and plenty of Camaraderie...... Please come, and bring your friends!!! 
             PLEASE TELL OTHERS!!!!
Keep the faith,
        "Everything is always impossible before it works. That is what Entrepreneurs are all about...doing what people have told them is impossible."

email from: Clarence Gooche

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