Sunday, August 17, 1997 - The Oskaloosa Herald - "Checker players dream" - George Daily Trust
Dedication of the George Daily Community Auditorium and Statue

Mr. Daily left over $6 million to Oskaloosa, so the bronze statue of him playing checkers was very fitting, because he loved to play checkers.

Someone is missing a wonderful opportunity to promote, organize, and establish Youth Chess & Checker in the Oskaloosa, Iowa School System and surrounding areas.  The George Daily Trust would gladly support and sponsor this program.  What any Trust committee is looking for is numbers. How many volunteers (parents & teachers) and participates (kids) and who will benefits from this event.  They want the biggest bang for their bucks.  Get started by organizing and establishing clubs in Oskaloosa City & Mahaska County Schools with clubs playing monthly.  Each club need clocks, checker sets, instruction materials, with an instructor and supervision, something like Bob Murr, John Cardie, and Robert Pike does.  Each club would have their local tournaments and scheduled play offs between schools and districts (with trophies, certificates, and plaques) kids love recognition!  A George Daily Open would involve Iowa's 99 counties and the Statewide Youth Tournament held in Oskaloosa at the George Daily Community Auditorium. Of course the clubs do the normal things like other such student clubs and meetings do: open house, parents night, and fund raisers, invite checker & chess celebrities, special attractions & exhibition tours from guest speakers & perhaps a Grandmaster.  Bob Murr and John Cardie both do a tremendous job at getting invited into elementary schools and teach an introductory course on checkers.  They illustrate checkers as a fun way to develop your thought process, problem solving, concentration, and visualization while playing checkers.  Bob has a power point presentation and John uses charts and a large illustrated checkerboard.  You should invite them or duplicate their presentation. You should keep good records on attendance and tournament results.  Now package all the above and presents it to the George Daily Trust and I will assure you they will sponsor and match any funds raise by your clubs.  This is a huge project in volunteers, youth motivation and improvement while relative inexpensive when compared to their other funded projects. 

March 24, 1995 The Oskaloosa Herald - "People Key to Daily successes" - George Daily, checker player