My friend and GM level checker player Tim Laverty informed me late this evening, August 26th he just arrived home from Duke University Hospital after undergoing a quadruple bypass. He was immediately admitted August 19th by his doctor after a visit regarding severe chest pain and extremely high blood pressure. I ask him to accompany me to PA Ty and we were planning to attend but dates changed and I want to play the Mid-Ohio so Tim said he would make the Carlisle drive but didnít feel up to the Fredericksburg, OH trip, so I talked Gayle into going and taking a vacation to Niagara Falls afterwards. We leave on the 14th on a slow trip to Fredericksburg and I didnít have any more contact with Tim. We had worked out the details on the upcoming 11-Man WTM to be held October 5th Ė 11th. Iíve been calling him every day since the 20th because we had scheduled something he was supposed to help me move some furniture. Gayle and I arrived in Greensboro late Thursday night, August 23rd so I could participate in the Saturday Cedarock Festival. I called Tim several more times during the festival. This explains why I couldnít make contact. He told me he is resting at home and taking medication. The 11-Man WTM is doubtful at this time. Tim is 58 years old.

Tim Laverty address is: 315 Oakley Street, Graham, NC 27253-2144 and cell phone (336)-213-1728 if you would like to send him a card or call. His email is:

A Checker Friend, JR Smith