Richard Lee Ricky Dunn  age 63 | born 10/31/1945 | died 8/28/2009

 Ricky Dunn died today 8/28/09 at 3:38pm

Richard Lee "Ricky" Dunn was diagnosed with cancer in June, he underwent treatments but his doctor stopped and gave him a short time to live.  Upon leaving the hospital he move in with his sister Faye, and today he passed this world to be eternally with the Lord.  I understand the family will use Lambeth-Troxler Funeral Home, 273-3401 which you can call for more details. They plan to have a 2:00 pm close casket burial Monday, August 31, at Forest Lawn Cemetery, 3901 Forest Lawn Drive, off Pisgah Church Road.

His obituary will run in Sunday's Greensboro New & Record.  Bill Stanley and I visited Rick last week knowing he didn't have much time left.  He told me he was a "Halloween baby" meaning his birthday was October 31, 1945.

Ricky was 63 and worked in the roofing business most of his life, he has two sons, Doug and Ricky, Jr.  We will miss Ricky, an unselfish and obliging fellow.  He could relate to people and events and wrote and recite his poetry about it.  I wish he had kept a collective booklet of them because they were impressive and entertaining.  Ricky was a "Proximity boy," known by and from the mill village where his parents worked and he grew up.  Ricky lived most of his live and died within a few miles of this area.  The Cone brothers, Moses and Caesar Cone started building their mill in 1895, and by 1896 they were producing their first fabric (denim) off the big looms at Proximity.  The Cones constructed this denim mill on land they owned in Greensboro.  Since the plant was near its supply of raw materials, the cotton fields of the South, the Cones named their new factor the Proximity Cotton Mill, and set up a holding company for this plant and the others in which they held an interest called the Proximity Manufacturing Company.

Greensboro's News & Record, Sunday, August 30, 2009
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Ricky Dunn was a regular at the Burlington Checker Club on
Thursday evenings at the Kernodle Center on Mebane and later at McDonalds at Stony Creek.

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