2008 Ohio Title Match
The Ohio State Title Match will be held
August 30th  - September 1st 2008
Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, Ohio vs Dr. Richard Beckwith of Willoughby, Ohio.

Match was held in Medina, OH, this long weekend. We played 12 three-moves games, four on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Time control: 1 hour for every 24 moves. There were no any match fund here, but one kibitzor contributed $20 and Steve Holliday wife donated a wonderful pudding. As Challenger, Richard paid for my hotel expanses and launches

This match had an interesting scenario: first 9 games ... ended with draw!  In almost all those games I had a reasonable or very serious advantage, but Richard defensive skills and cross-board abilities were amazing and he saved all these games. At the end of match I was lucky to win games #10 and #12.

Final score: 2-0-10.

Without serious analyzing with program it seems like Richard missed 2 wins and I missed 1.

I will post on forum some interesting match positions in "GAMES" section later. All games will be included into next "Ohioian Yearbook".


Alex Moiseyev
Ohio Match Champion 2008

Alex Moiseyev posted on ACF Forum 9/1/2008 8:21PM

Match progress:

Day1, Saturday, August 30, 2008

G1. A. Moiseyev (0.58) vs R. Beckwith (0.40) Draw 11-16 24-19 7-11
G2. R. Beckwith (1.16) vs A. Moiseyev (1.28) Draw
G3. R. Beckwith (1.00) VS A. Moiseyev (1.16) Draw 11-16 22-17 7-11
G4. A. Moiseyev (0.50) vs R. Beckwith (1.16) Draw

Day2, Sunday, August 31, 2008

G5. R. Beckwith (1.00) vs A. Moiseyev (0.40) Draw 10-15 22-17 6-10
G6. A. Moiseyev (1.10) vs R. Beckwith (0.58) Draw
G7. A. Moiseyev (1.28) vs R. beckwith (1.28) Draw 11-15 24-20 15-18
G8. R. Beckwith (1,38) vs A. Moiseyev (0.51) Draw

Day3, September 1, 2008

G9. A. Moiseyev (0.50) vs R. Beckwith (0.42) Draw 10-15 23-18 9-14
G10.R. Beckwith (0.52) vs A. Moiseyev (0.43) WW
G11.R. Beckwith (1.20) vs A. Moiseyev (1.08) Draw 11-15 22-18 15x22
G12.A. Moiseyev (0.20) vs R. Beckwith (0.36) RW

2008 Ohio Title Match

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