Ed "Pal" Bucker

September 26, 2008

I talked to Pal this Friday afternoon and he told me he was better but it would be a month or two before he would be himself again.  The Doctor thinks he has a virus of some type that turned his health up side down.  He told me he appreciated the attention, prayers, and get well wishes.  I got his card back so I don't have a good address.

September 11, 2008

As you recall our checker playing friend, Pal Bucker attended the Ohio State Open September 6 & 7 but didn't play because he was feeling sick before the match and as his illness worsen over the weekend he stayed in his room most of the time.   I did talk to Pal today, Thursday and he told me he drove up Friday which is a 5 hour drive with Ed and son Phil Lucas.  He had a headache several hours before they arrive at 7 PM.  Phil took him to the emergency room Saturday. Sunday returning back to Mooresville he was so sick he lay in the back seat.  He went to the emergency room Monday which the Doctor said he should be in the hospital and sent him directly to Indianapolis to be hospitalized there at Saint Francis Hospital where he continues to be sick of unknown cause. His white cell count was elevated but now is close to normal.  Pal said he was very weak and would love to go home.  I don't know if he will be released.  His Room is 865 at Saint Francis Hospital; 1600 Albany Street, Beech Grove, Indiana 46107   Telephone is 1-317-782-6105 Our prayers are with him and hoping for a speedy recovery.