The American Checker Federation & North Carolina Checker Association


Did you learn to play checkers in elementary school and ever wonder if people play in tournaments for prizes and championships, like in other sports and games?  

The answer is YES! Checkers, just like chess, is a game that you can learn at an early age, but it takes years of study and practice to become a great player.


The American Checker Federation (ACF) is the organization that promotes checkers in the United States. We hold annual national tournaments, sponsor world-title matches and international team matches, and in cooperation with regional and state organizations, promote tournaments throughout the country. We have members of all ages from all over the world.


 ACF members receive six issues every year of our bulletin, where players can find information about upcoming checker events and results of recent tournaments. Learn about what’s going on in the world of checkers, read articles about checker history and famous games, and find out who has books and boards and supplies for sale in the Swap Shop. The annotated games from the most recent national tournament help, Players learn from the best in the world.   


To learn more about ACF, check out the website,  The North Carolina Checker Association is affiliated with ACF and is dedicated to promoting the great game of "Checkers" by sponsoring various checker events and tournaments in North Carolina. Look for ACF and NCCA members at popular internet game sites, such as Yahoo, Vog, and Microsoft’s GameZone.


Almost all ACF-sponsored tournaments are “Open” which means that any member from any state can enter. Even if you can’t make it to our tournaments, you can still play checkers with ACF members by joining one of our mail ladders and playing people by mail. In addition to all the websites where you can play, you can also buy software and play against your computer at home.


We encourage players to start their own clubs or teams in their hometown or at their school. You can help us spread the word about ACF & NCCA, and we can help you find players in your area and tell our members about your club.


If you enjoy playing checkers and want to improve your game, or just make some new friends who like to play for fun, join the ACF & NCCA!


Our Local Burlington Checker Club meets ever Thursday evening at 6:00-9:00 pm at John Robert Kernodle Senior Activities Center 1535 S. Mebane St. Burlington, NC   Call: Center at 336-222-5135, Mike Ross 336-584-8652, Bill McClintock 336-674-5402, JR Smith 336-288-6620, or Teal Stanley 336-275-6574

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