Sixth by Alex Moiseyev - GrandMaster & World Checker Champion
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You can find out more information about the book from Alex's own posting on our ACF forum.   This is a hard cover book Price $48.00 and $78.00 for a signed & numbered limited  to 40 copies. 
Here is the cover of the book along with inside cover:

  "The Sixth" by Alex Moiseyev. This work has been years in the making, and is loaded with tons of new play and diagrams. Book will be around 360 pages, hard cover, and will contain:
1) WCM 2002 with Elbert Lowder (29 games)
2) WCM 2003 with Ron King (35 games)
3) 50 selected games, 1996-2004

Totaling 114 annotated games -- with about 600 games of reference. You will also be privy to corrections of published play and analysis by Tinsley, Hellman, Long, Ryan, Case, and Oldbury... 


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2006 National Tournament 50 Select games ($15.00)  

Professionally annotated with diagrams by Alex Moiseyev, 3-move world champion. This document contains two major sections: Selected  Games and Selected Positions from Master Division. These games are available in hard-copy (printed form) only. Money supports ACF.

Here is a short statistic summary of this work:

1) Pages - around 80
2) Annotated games - 54
3) Selected positions - 36
4) Number of diagrams in the first Section - 171
5) Number of diagrams in the second Section - 36

The 8th International Match -- by Gerry Lopez.  This book covers the recent Las Vegas match between U.S. and Great Britain-Ireland and includes history, pictures, etc. A team of top annotators was assembled to cover these 200 games. Gerry personally annotated 32 games and feel this is some of his best annotation work.  An outstanding team of collaborators worked on the games of this very interesting match. The games, wow ! See the surprising play of Joe Schwartz as he came out with the best score on the American team. See Patricia Breen win a game from Jim Morrison, the # 1 man on the American team. See Patricia Breen draw the weak side of the Octopus against the mighty Leo Levitt. See incredible play that you've never seen anywhere. See corrections of published play and much much more. We now need to know about how many copies of the book we should print when the play is ready. Please send a post card with your pledge to buy the book so we will know how many copies to print. You can send $40.00 for the book or just your pledge by post card to Gerry Lopez at 41858 Corte Selva, Temecula,Ca. 92591. For overseas players the book will cost $45.00 to defray the cost of postage. Those who want a numbered copy and wish to help defray ACF expenses of this historic centennial match can send $100.00 . There is unbelievable play in the match and the book will have many instructive and worthwhile features. This is a book that should be in every checker player's library. It will be fun reading and studying.

The German Open 2005 Book is out! From Dennis Pawlek:

It is limited to 50 books total. This year it once again has plenty of color pictures and games from the German Open 2005. The annotations were done by one of the best Mailplayers these days, Nigel Proffitt, and myself. It will cost 10 Pounds for the UK, 15 Euros for Germany, Ireland and the rest of Europe, 25 Dollars for the USA. All includes shipping. You can submit orders or payment (via Paypal) by sending it to For postal orders please write to Dennis Pawlek, Jahnstr. 43, 72793 Pfullingen, Germany.

P.S: Please, no cheques, as this will charge a lot here. :)

10th ACA National Tournament (1939ACA Flint Ty), distributed by Alan Millhone. Most of these selected games have never been published! The ACF presents a selection of games played in the 10th ACA National Tournament in Flint, Michigan, with annotations by Richard Fortman, and comments from tourney winner, Asa Long. Further annotations, proof-reading, and type setting by Jim Loy. Most of these 58 long-awaited games (selected from later rounds) have never been published because of the unusually circumstance behind this 1939 Flint Ty.   There will be 50 numbered copies signed by Fortman, Loy, and Millhone.   Order directly from Alan or thru PayPal at ACF Store  $20.00 

2005 Ohio book by Richard Beckwith. Contains annotated games from 2004 and 2005 Ohio tournaments (masters) as well as matches involving Alex Moiseyev, Richard Beckwith (including the 6-hour+ Alex game!), Louis Cowie, and Gene Zuber. A Louis Cowie problem section and Ohio checker history are also included.

These five books (and more details) have recently been added to ACF Store/Books page for Paypal users. Note that there are two pricing options (numbered vs. unnumbered) for both "The Sixth" and the 8th I.M. book. Check or money order may also be sent directly to the sender.

2005 NYC book ($10.00)

Games from the 2005 NYC tournament (both 3-move & GAYP events).
Booklet contains 36 pages of masterís division games annotated by Jim Loy and Jan Bulstra. Includes some diagrams and a few interesting tournament pictures. Alex Moiseyev won both events.

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