Ohio Match Champion Title  (Moiseyev vs Beckwith)  

Subject: Ohio Match Champion Title.

Posted By A. Moiseyev (omela@juno.com) On Tue 08/16/05 1254BST:
Couple months ago, just after ACF National GAYP tournament was over, I challenged Dr. Beckwith for this respectable title which he owes. Today we spoke over the phone and he proved again that he accepts my challenge and we've got preliminary agreement to play match.

Terms and conditions:

1. Match will be play over Labor day, Sept. 3-5, Saturday-Monday.

2. Match will be play in 3 days and consist of 3 separate sessions: 1st day - GAYP, 2nd day - 3 moves, 3rd day - 11 man ballot.

3. Each session will include 6 games, in total - 18 games.

4. If score will be even, 9-9, Dr. Beckwith will retain his title.

5. As challenger I will provide trophy for title and pay $50 for Dr. Beckwith accommodation expanses.

6. More likely match will be play in Medina, same location where Northern States tournament took place and OH State ty held in September. However - location is still subject to be finalize.

7. I think games from this match we can combine with games from OH State ty 2005 in one booklet for sale - courtesy of OH State Checkers Federation.

More later ...

Any predictions in score ? :)


Alex Moiseyev

Last I talked to Alex, he suggested starting 9-10 am on Saturday (possibly later, depending how his Friday goes). I was planning on touching bases with him tomorrow (unless he responds here first). I can let you know, Steve.

Saturday is GAYP day. Sunday 3-move, and Monday 11-man ballot -- 6 games of each, as needed.

Joe LoConti told me this week he will come watch some of the early Saturday and Sunday play.

We plan to put an Ohio match book together to contain this match, and also the Cowie-Beckwith and Cowie-Zuber matches, plus Master games from 2004 and 2005 Ohio tournament. I hope to also have two problem sections from a couple well known Ohio composers!

Tentative date set for next year.... September 1-3, 2006 Ohio State Championship Match  (Moiseyev vs Beckwith)

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