2003 Go-As-You-Please Nationals

2003 National GAYP Checker Tournament - Anderson, SC - August 1-8th
held at Holiday Inn Express - Sponsored by Honea Path Merchants Association

Anderson National Memorabilia

Very nice custom crafted wooden checkerboards (autographed) and many other National Tournament Checker Memorabilia Items, like desk pen sets, paper weights, ACF ballcaps, "The Killer-Move" Prints, etc. for sale. Joe Redd, Dr. Tommy Martin, and Honea Path, SC Merchants sponsorship made this a well organized and successful presentation from opening to the closing ceremony. The Holiday Inn venue, planning, and professional directors set this National Tournament as one of the best. We appreciate Joe, Tommy, Honea Path Merchants, and Anderson for an exciting and enjoyable National Tournament.

Jack Francis of Baywoods, St. James, Barbados autographing board.

 Go - Win Big, Checker Tournament Theme - Joe Redd

This print was an idea that Dr. Tommy Martin and business owner Bobby Joe Redd had about getting memorabilia into the hands of checker enthusiast all over the world. When the idea was shared with the artist, he really took it to another level.

Inspired by the 2003 U.S. National GAYP Checker Championship held in Anderson, South Carolina, artist Jose Acaba captures the mood of a championship game in his art piece
The Killer Move. Surrounded by spectators and players, each move is viewed with interest and is silently critiqued until the killer move, 6-24, completely destroys White's chances to draw.

Jose Acaba is an approved artist for the South Carolina Arts Council. He studied in New York City at the School of Industrial Arts, the Art Students League, and the American Art School before taking a job in the Art Department of Business Week Magazine. Mr. Acaba retired in 1983 and makes his home in the Anderson, South Carolina area. His work is represented in private collections throughout the United Stated, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.

Only 100 Limited Edition prints of  The Killer Move were available. A few of the 1st prints orders sold for a $100 at the original offering price because it was part of the 2003 U.S. National GAYP Checker Championship promotion event they hosted back in Honea Path, and also offered at the National opening ceremony in Anderson, but now they bring a much higher price. They spent thousands of dollars hosting, bringing news, and recognition to the checker world at that time.

Number 7 Limited Edition, of  The Killer Move print by artist Jose Acaba was for sale in August 2010.  This limited edition is signed by: Alex Moiseyev, Charles Walker, Ron King, and Don Brattin. Asking price $500.00 contact Joe Redd 864-901-5637

2003 National Results