Bagnell Dam Days Checker Tournament 

The Bagnell Dam Days Checker Tournament is Saturday, September 30th, 2006 in Lake Ozark MO. (Checker Tournament open to all, Register at 9:00 am in front of Copper Fox, play starts at 10:00 am GAYP)  Event is part of 3-day "OMA & NOMA DAYS" celebration

1st Oma and Noma Days Celebration & Festival at Bagnell Dam in Lake Ozark, MO. on Sept 29th thru Oct 1st,2006. Stroll back in time to the 20's, 30's & 40's on the historic Bagnell Dam Strip.  There are many events taking place this weekend:  Shows, Antiques, Vintage Auto Show, Trucks, Tractors & Equipment, Dog Show, Talent Show, Bluegrass, Blues, Old Ozark live music, Storytellers, Peanut Spitting Contest, Checker Tourney, Ozark Crafters & a variety of other displays that depict the time in our history here in Lake Ozark and the construction of Begnell Dam.  There's lots more, many shops and activities for the whole family to enjoy. The weather here in the Ozarks is beautiful this time of year, so come and enjoy the old Qzark atmosphere and join us in this celebration of our area's heritage, and leave with a sense of appreciation and awe for that special era of time gone by. 

If you have an antique, vintage original auto, truck (pre-1945), tractor, carriage, or anything else of interest from that period of time and would like to participate, show or display it, please contact Lake Ozark Betterment Committee members Make Page at 573-365-7132 or Jeff VanDonsel at 573-964-2460... and don't forget to ask who Oma and Noma were!

More details later.   Dennis Welch, phone: 1-573-964-5455

Beginners Age Points Finished
Alac Page 14 16 1st Place
Cody Kramer  10 9 2nd Place
Katie Oppliager  13 8 tie for 3rd
Joe Oliver 13 11 tie for 3rd
Heather Craig 13 5 4th place
Jessica Smith withdrew 7  
Chris Weiland   6  
Kim Willis   6  
Richard Brownfield   5  
Jerry Berry   4  
Jerry Hogland   4  
Lawrence Sherrill   3  
Wilma Wolveton   2  

2006 Tournament Dates