Bulstra reprints Basic Checkers and publishes "Famous Checker Players"


Jan Bulstra, a graphic designer - commercial publisher/printer gives back to the checker community.  He reprinted Richard Forman's Basic Checkers which includes more diagrams.  He also published "Famous Checker Players" all these paper backs are professionally reprinted.  Marion Tinsley recommend Fortmans’ BC to the student player who wanted a good fundamental study of the 3-move openings.  Al Lyman said if Lees’ Guide was “yesteryears bible” then BC must be “today’s checker bible.”  “BC” considered the “checker bible” (superseding Lees’ Guide) a classic set of the 7 openings moves covering all 144 of the 3-move restrictive deck with play and annotation. “Fortman’s 1st 20 moves on all openings... the basic checker foundation book” which Marion Tinsley said, "Checker players might forget some of the many championship titles "Dick" Fortman won, but they'll never forget Fortman's "BC," a great contribution to checkers!" The annotation and commits about the moves are excellent, something you don't often find in checker books, and this makes it paramount for someone trying to learn checkers.   Jan Bulstra informed me these books were a special edition, limited print which he does not have extra copies or intend to print or sell.          email Jan Bulstra  jbulstra@pstokkebye.com or jbulstra@bellsouth.net    English Draughts Association (EDA)  has Fortman’s “BC” Basic Checkers in e-book/online on this site.






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