Added By C. M. Marks ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Is there anywhere I can find out about the qualifiers names for this event? I know that David Harwood and George Miller will represent England and I understand you will represent Germany. This is all I know so far.
I know that Ireland has Sean Cronin and Hugh Devlin and Wales has Dafydd Roberts and John Morgan but will these guys be playing?
Any news about Scottish players in this event?
Just curious about it.

Added By kim willis ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
hello Dennis, I was just wondering who placed the names of women for my name is not there :( did no one say there is a representative woman for the USA? I was invited to Prague by Charles and Alan, at nationals.

Added By Alex Moiseyev ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Kim, your question shall be addressed to Dr. John Reade from England - Secretary of WCDF. He accepts information from all National Federation and forms list of participants for each event. At the end he suppose to submit this list to organizers.  ACF, ICHF and all other WCDF members should send "endorsement list" to Dr. Reade.


Added By Matthew Kooshad ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Which is the official or recommended site: or ? Thank you

Added By Alex Moiseyev ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
I think first site - Czech Draughts, and second site - Czech 10x10.

On the first site there is a list of players in QT, which Federation / organization perhaps already submitted endorsement list. I didn't find anything from ACF, Canada, Barbados and most other WCDF members.

Perhaps they didn't make a final decision yet, have National later this year, or just wait something :) or don't know, that they have to meet deadline.

Regards, Alex


Added By john reade ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
I have invited all delegates from paid up federations to submit the names of their entries to the GAYP Qualifier in Prague in October. So far I have David Harwood and Rawle Allicock from the EDA, Dennis Pawlek from the GDA, and Jan Mortimer from the NZDA. I look forward to receiving the others in due course. The closing date for entries is 10 August, being 2 months before the event is due to start.

Added By Igor Keder ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Hi for All :-)
1. Kim, You are added in players, Charles send me ACF players.
2. for Mathew Kooshad : Alex answer very good, in Czech are 2 draughts organizations
    Czech federation of Draughts for 10x10 and Czech Union of Draughts for all 8x8
    (priority Czech draughts and checkers, second Russian Shashki)
3. Please, send me all players for QT and WCM Juniors and Woman. I don't receive from Ireland, North Ireland, Wales, Scotland, South 
    Africa, Denmark, Barbados, Italy etc.

Added By Alex Moiseyev ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Igor, thanks a lot for clarification and updating list !

The great news are - Dr. Beckwith finally find an opportunity to come and attend the tournament in Prague, and I am really very happy with this.

United States will be represented in Prague perhaps the best and strongest group, including young players like R. Beckwith, C. Nash, M. Holmes, and also such experienced and strong player as James Morrison, 2 times USA National GAYP winner, and 2 times - World Championship contender.

I still didn't find on the list youths from ACF and ICHF, but I believe this will be finalize soon.

Follow official results - Ryan Pronk and Corey Modich are eligible to be endorse, depends on their ability and intention :)

A. Moiseyev

Added By Dennis Pawlek ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
I hope that Lindus Edwards will go as it would be a wonderful story if he would win it and show Ron King that the players in his family are not as bad as the result vs Lindus late father shown years ago.

Added By George Miller ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Have the Durydev's been informed / invited? As per WCDF wildcard procedures.

Added By Dennis Pawlek ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
I believe not but I have to admit I wouldn't know how to inform them as I have no email or address of them and I'm not sure if they are EDA member if so then John Reade has surely a contact address as he keeps all addressees for the EDA Journal.

Added By Igor Keder ( On Thu 07/07/05 1622BST:
Hi Alex,of such small jab :-), it with everyone world junior players struggle young Czechs? :-))))))))

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