Crisloid  Lots of checker players use backgammon checkers for checker pieces. Crisloid Products Inc., 55 Porter Street, Providence, RI 02905 or Crisloid Products Inc., P.O. Box 2205, Providence, RI 02905-0205.   401-461-7200  or  800-343-3449  Fax:  401-785-3750  make these pieces. 

Roger Blaine our ACF in-house distributor or Crisloid representative bulk orders these checker set, so the players can get them through Roger.  Roger orders the 1 1/4" x 3/8" or  32mm x 10mm either in solid Red & White or swirl "marbleized" (30 pieces to the set) for our Regular Standard ACF Checkers, and the Pool Checkers are 1 1/2" x 7/16" or  38mm x 11mm.  All Crisloid backgammon and checker pieces are made from a high quality mixture of polyester thermoplastics.  Contact: Roger Blaine, POB 353, Osceola, IN 46561-0353 | 574-257-9033 |

You can also order them through the ACF Store using PayPal.  Of course, you may order through Crisloid if your order is large enough to meet their minimum $ limits and shipping.  They usually discount the below checkerboard and checker set around Christmas time during their Christmas Sale.  This is a very nice board and checker set.

Travis Weddle's video setup at the 2015 VA Open at Econo Lodge, Burlington, NC so he could live stream games on USTREAM.

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