Curtis L. Efird died in 1961

Curtis Efird owned and operated Efird's Café on 637 Austin Street in Albemarle, NC.  This was walking distance from Wiscasset, American, and Efird Mills. Efird's Café had a good mill breakfast, lunch, and dinner clintele, and plenty of checker players.  This was the #1 place of several checker hangouts in Albemarle.  Efird was probably the best checker player in Albemarle and many considered him in the top 5 in the state during '40s-'50s.  Elbert Lowder got his checker playing start here since he grew up two short block from the Café.  Elbert even gives credit in an (Article), Lowder as a teenager often watched and played under the watchful eye of several pro's and especially Curtis.  He played all the best local regulars that congregated on evenings and weekends.  It wasn't too long until this tall lanky red-headed youngster was beating the Stanly County kingpins.  Curtis played in 1948 NC State Tournament, and won several District 4 Southeastern Tournaments.

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