Subject: LAST CALL

Posted By Gerry Lopez ( On Tue 07/26/05 1131BST:
VACATION OR TOURNEY IN LAS VEGAS FROM JULY 3l THRU AUG. 4. $35 a day plus tax for two persons. Reservations call 1-800-634-6045. Tourney Aug. 1 & 2.Call Gerry for info: (951) 695-2499


Posted By Gerry Lopez ( On Tue 07/26/05 1220BST:
Only $35 plus tax (room for 2) Call:800-634-6045 Arrive the 3lst & play Aug. l &2 OR ENJOY THE VISIT. 3 MOVE 9th District open to all. Bring friends.

Subject: $35 plus tax for two in Las Vegas

Posted By Gerry Lopez ( On Tue 07/12/05 2251BST:
From July 3lst through August 4th the Four Queens Hotel-Casino has given checker players and friends that special rate. Come for a vacation and watch some checkers if you wish. Just mention the checkers rate.

* Added By Gerry Lopez ( On Wed 07/13/05 0633BST:
The reservation # for the Four Queens is: 1(800)634-6045 The Las Vegas Open Aug. 1 & 2

Subject: LAS VEGAS 3 MOVE OPEN on Aug. 1 & 2

Posted By John Gibson, Pres. Calif. Checker Ass'n ( On Tue 07/12/05 2249BST:
Players from all 50 states are welcome to playing this interesting event. They will be arriving on Sunday, July 31st. A short meeting will take place at the Four Queens Hotel-Casino at 8:30 AM, Monday to be followed by the tourney.
The hotel has given us a special rate of
$35 a day plus tax a day for two persons to a room.
(It's the same for one person to the room) Just mention the checker tourney rate. Our special rate
will continue through August 3 & 4 so that players
can have time to sightsee in one of the top tourist
attractions in the world. Some players will remain through those two days to play friendly GAYP or 3 Move games for practice. The tourney entry fee will
be $20 for those l9 and over and $l0 for those l8
and younger. There will be two or three divisions
depending on the number of entries. Prizes will be
awarded in each division. The reservation # for
the Four Queens Hotel-Casino is 1(800)634-6045.
We look forward to seeing you there.


Posted By Gerry Lopez ( On Sun 05/15/05 2351BST:
After receiving numerous requests to play in the 9th District Tournament on August lst & 2nd and
maybe the morning of the 3rd, the executive committee of the CCA, after due consideration, has decided
to open the tournament to all. We fear no one! ("-").

Players should arrive on Sunday, July 3l. Play will be 3 move.
The Four Queens Hotel has given us a special rate of $35 a day plus tax (two persons to a room)
The special will also apply to August 3rd & 4th for those who wish to remain after the tourney.
For reservations at the 4 Queens, call 1-800-634-6045. Any questions, contact Gerry Lopez,
(951) 695-2499 or email:

Subject: 3 Move Tourney in Las Vegas

Posted By Submitted by Gerry Lopez ( On Sun 07/03/05 0137BST:
NOW IT'S TIME FOR 3 MOVE IN LAS VEGAS The Las Vegas 9th District Open will take place Monday & Tuesday, August 1 & 2. Everybody is welcome to play in this one. The Four Queens Hotel-Casino has again given us a special rate of $35 a day plus tax (for two persons to a room). Friends & family are
welcome at the same rate. The special rate will continue for two days after the tourney for those who want to take in the sights or practice some
checkers after the tourney. Players should arrive
on Sunday, July 3lst. The entry fee will be $20. There will be 2 game rounds and perhaps 3 divisions
depending on the entries. Some state championships
are up for grabs in this 9th district event. Come
one, come all! Las Vegas is better than ever!
Reservations should be made as early as possible to get the above rates. The reservation # is:
l(800)634-6045. Any questions call Gerry Lopez at

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