Mr. Momodou Faal came to America at the age of 18 in 1974 as an exchange student from Gambia, Africa.  He learned to play Pool Checkers and became an excellent player of both the 100 square board - (Big Board) and the (Little Board) - 64 square board.  He lived in a number of cities while here as a US student, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Washington, DC while attended several universities.  He tried his skills in the Minor Division here in Sanford at the 1976 3-Move Nationals which he didn't do that well, but played brilliantly in the 1991 Big Board Checker Tournament in Jackson, Mississippi finishing in a tie with Vladimir Kaplan for 2nd place.  Mr. Faal was killed shortly afterwards at age 36 in a bad traffic accident while hitch-hiking to Houston that involved a couple of cars and a Greyhound bus.

July 17, 1976 The Sanford News Herald 3-Move Nat. Article