WTM (Laverty vs Moiseyev)
to be held in the near future upon mutually agreed location

Contributions to this much anticipated re-match are welcome via Paypal at ACF Store Donation page (“11-Man World Title Match” button) or you may mail in your check to John Acker, ACF Treasurer, 668 Stinchcomb Drive Apt. 10, Columbus, OH 43202  phone: 217-778-3451 or J. R. Smith c/o NCCA, P. O. Box 39594, Greensboro, NC 27438  Thanks for your consideration!

P.O. Box 39594
Greensboro, NC 27438



Alan Millhone $50.00
J. R. Smith      $50.00
Total Cash Prize Fund to Date:     $100.00

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