Gene Self died about 1982

Gene Self lived just North of Winston-Salem and worked for the Winston-Salem Journal newspaper, according to L.W. Newsom.  He was an excellent and active player in the era of Harry Anderson and Ed Schiedt.  These three raised the bar on checkers at the Y.M.C.A. - Winston-Salem Chess & Checker Association.  Gene Self was one of the founders and elected Secretary/Treasurer of Winston-Salem YMCA Chess & Checker Association on February 26, 1946 when they organized this association with H. S. Anderson as President, and H. W. Bennett as Vice-President.

All three were students of the game and the playing level at the club was elevated because of their interest and sharing in scientific checkers.  Gene was an officer and director of many events at the Club in the 40's through the early 60's. The North Carolina Checker Association was headquartered in Winston-Salem at this time and the executive duties were mostly shared by this group of enthusiastic checker players. "Gene played extremely well with any of the major player anywhere locally, but it is said he had a hard time playing in the tournaments."  "His tournament play wasn't up to his compatibilities, he would strike out in a tournament but go back home and beat everybody." 

Joe McClellan also said, "Gene Self was a friend of Harry Anderson and Harry Bennett."  "He was a prominent player at the Winston-Salem YMCA each Saturday afternoon in the 1940's and 1950's and early 1960's.  He recalls, "Harry Anderson rated Gene Self as one of the best players in NC."

Here is a NCCA Booklet the Association published for their an up coming 1952 NC Championship Checker Classic. 

I will try to find a picture and his obituary and funeral arrangements.  I'll supplement this page when I get more information.

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