Subject: New Scoring System vs. Old

Posted By macb ( On Fri 06/24/05 2127BST:

New vs Old Scoring System: (scoring games vs winner takes round)

Ron King----- 38-------22
J. Francis----- 32-------16
R. Beckwith---32-------18
C. Nash------ 31-------18
A. Moiseyev--31-------18
J. Morrison----30-------16
T. Laverty-----29-------18
E. Lowder-----28-------14
L. Adams------28-------14
K. Albrecht----28-------18
J. Schwartz----27-------10
Ed. Bruch-----27--------12
J. Webster----27--------12
c. Reno-------26-------- 4
A. Millhone---25--------10
M. Holmes---22--------10

Under the old or standard system, 6 players would have a chance to tie Ron King in the 8th round. Under the new system virtually no one has a chance to catch Ron . Ron can win the tourney by losing the final round under the new system whereas under the old system he would need to draw the final round to win the tourney. The biggest loser to me in this tourney is Karl Albrecht who is tied for 12 under the new scoring system but would be tied for 2nd under the old system and would have a chance to tie for the lead. Under the new system he has zero chances of tying for the lead. One positive aspect of the new system shows that Carl Reno although he has only 4 points under the old system has drawn a lot of games and still lost the rounds but did receive credit under the new system receiving enough points that he is not last after 7 rounds. I have always thought it would be better to have games scored instead of rounds scored but after analyzing this tourney, I have changed my mind and think I personally would prefer to use the old system of scoring rather than the one used for this tourney. If the rounds were 2 games instead of 4 it might sway me back to game scoring but I would have to analyze a tourney first to make up my mind for certain. In this tourney, I am extremely proud of 21 year old Clayton Nash for tieing for second after 7 rounds. This is an experienced field but Clayton has shown he can play with anyone.

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