Gould-Fortman Open Tournament January 15th , 2005

Both classes played together as one group. John Acker was the tournament winner. By mutual agreement between the tying players, the top place in the B class was awarded to Howard Hoover. In accordance with the tournament’s tradition, Howard’s name, as top B-class player, will be placed on the floating trophy. Trophies were awarded to the top three players in each class. Everyone had a pleasant day playing checkers.

Class A

Rank Name Points HP Additional Info
1 John Acker (IL) 14 --  
2 Clyde McFarland (IN) 6 --  

Class B

Rank Name Points HP Additional Info
1 Howard Hoover (IL) 10 31  
2 Morris Pettijohn (IL) 10 31  
3 Bob Smith (IL) 9 --  
4 Bill Henson (IL) 8 --  
5 Roger Doll (IL) 7 --  
6 Jen Kelton (IL) -- --  

2005 Tournament Dates