H.M. Jackson b:1890 d:1988 age: 98

H.M. Jackson was an attorney from Sanford, NC and a good friend of Clint Pickard.  They work closely in business and were checker buddies.  Mr. Jackson and his son was supportive and help Clint with checker tournaments in Sanford, particular the Nationals.  Mr. Jackson played the NC tournament circuit.  Here he is playing in the 1974 Tournament.  Another newspaper (picture)

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H.M. was 92 in 1982 which I read from a newspaper clipping: November 30, 1982 - The Sanford News-Herald - Checkers anyone?  Mr. Jackson died several years latter.  H. M. Jackson was active in Sanford/Lee County politics.  A NC Democrat alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from North Carolina in 1964..

I will try to find a picture and his obituary and funeral arrangements.  I'll supplement this page when I get more information.    

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