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The first comprehensive overview of hall of fame museums and exhibits, this work traces the history, examines and compares the facilities, exhibits, and operations, and describes 274 halls of fame in over 100 fields in the United States and 10 other countries. The information is based on recently compiled surveys. More than half of the museums and exhibits are in the area of sports, but others range from aviation and space to cockroaches. Of interest to high school, college, university, and public libraries for their popular culture/travel reference shelves. A great source for vacations, each entry provides the address, telephone number, hours, and admission fees as well as content, operations, and more.  On bottom half of page 103 you may read the below description about International Checkers Hall of Fame. 



INTERNATIONAL CHECKERS HALL OF FAME, Petal, Mississippi. The International Hall of Fame came about as a result of the interest and generosity of Charles C. Walker, an insurance executive and checkers champion. He spearheaded the organizational efforts and incorporated the hall into the Tudor-style, grand home he was building in Petal, Mississippi. The hall of fame opened in 1970; with additions, it now occupies 35,000 square feet in the mansion.

The core of the hall of fame comprises two areas, called Hall I and Hall II, connected by an international walkway containing flags of 175 countries having checkers federations. Hall I is a large checkerboard with pictures of world and local champions from checkers federations throughout the world, a collection of antique boards and other artifacts, trophies, historical documents and books. Championship matches also are played the hall. Hall II is the world’s largest checkerboard. In addition to being used for tournament play, it sometimes is utilized to feed and house visiting players.

The Mississippi Open Tournament is held every Memorial Day weekend and other world-class, adult and youth competitions are scheduled at the hall of fame from time to time. The hall of fame also has a program for school groups that teaches checkers using a human board, and provides lunch.

Among the outstanding checkers players in the hall of fame are world champion Dr. Marion Tinsley, Andrew Anderson, James Wyllie, Asa Long, Robert D. Yates, James Ferrie and Richard Jordan.

International Checkers Hall of Fame, 220 Lynn Ray Road, P.O. Box 365, Petal, MS 39465.
Phone: 601/ 582-7090. Hours: 9 - 5 daily by appointment; closed holidays.
Admission: Adults, $3: Children $1; Seniors and schools groups, free.

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