H.W. “Harry” Bennett age 85, born 8/31/1894, died 1/00/1980 Forsyth Co. Winston-Salem, NC 27104  243-05-XXXX

Harry Bennett was an insurance executive in Winston-Salem, NC.  He was a checker player who knew most all the checker player in the Triad.  He played the NC tournament circuit and opened his home to checker players.  Harry was one of the founders and elected Vice-President of Winston-Salem YMCA Chess & Checker Association on February 26, 1946 when they organized this association with Harry Anderson as President and Gene Self as Secretary/Treasurer.

I got this information from a lifetime checker player Joe McClellan.  He's the youngest of the Monday evening checker gang gethering that would converge at 2419 Greenwich Road, Harry Bennett's home in Winston to play checkers.  Joe reminiscences,  "Harry was the perfect host, they met at 7 pm with the fireplace roaring, in winter, checker boards all set up, drinks in the refrigerator."  "All these players: Lawrence Newsom, Tony Muncus, Marshall Church, Harry Bennett, John Kurfees, Jasper Memory, Harry Anderson, David Marshall, and myself, made a pleasant night of competitive play and wonderful friendship."  "I have many fond memories of the above players."  Joe would often bring Harry Anderson and or Jasper Memory to the checker sessions.  

Joe also said, "Harry Bennett was a friend of Harry Anderson and Gene Self." 

I will try to find a picture and his obituary and funeral arrangements.  I'll supplement this page when I get more information.

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