William Harvey Professor Brookbank age: 81, born: 3/25/1903 died: 8/00/1984, Siler City, NC  Chatham Co. 27344  243-20-XXXX

Harvey Brookbank lived in Siler City and later bought a nice farm in Julian, NC.  He taught school, coached high school basketball in Siler City. He was the HS Principal, and taught some college classes over his 50 years career in education.  His son Bill Brookbank still lives on the Julian farm.  His youngest brother Samuel Hardy Brookbank of Hickory is 89 and wife 90 in 2010.  They have been married for 72 years.  Samuel remember his older brother Harvey playing checkers and would make an effort to play the best and when he heard of someone who claimed to be good he would play them.  He said he didn't know of any more Brookbank checker player since most have died off.  I was able to get in touch with Samuel through his son Sandy. 828-464-5866.  You can read about Crutchfield's general store and their checker games.  Harvey was a regular and always there on Sunday afternoons. (Newspaper Article)

I will try to find a picture and his obituary.  I'll supplement this page when I get more information.         

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