Historic 100th Anniversary International Match!
     This year the United States will be playing the United Kingdom for the 8th time in exactly one hundred years. The first international took place in Boston in l905. The top twelve players in the U.S. will be contending against the top l2 of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The event will take place in Las Vegas from September 26 thru September 30. The hotel has not been chosen yet.
The centennial year of the international match coincides with the centennial year of the founding of Las Vegas.

     Patricia Breen , the women's world champion will probably play on the U.K. team. Checker players are welcome to attend the event. The U.K. team hosted the U.S. team in the 7th International in England. Donations will be needed to host the U.K. this year. All donations will be credited in the ACF bulletin. A book of all the games of the match is being planned with photos, diagrams, annotations, etc. A numbered copy of the book will be given to all those who contribute $l00 for the event. Please send your donations to the match promoter,

Gerry Lopez,
41858 Corte Selva,
Temecula, Ca. 92591

Please mention that the donation is for the International Match.
You may also donate online using the ACF Store.
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Thanks for your support!

Alan Millhone,
ACF President



Subject: What Better Gift to Give to a Friend for Only $100

Posted By Geofrey Moore II (spic'nspam@spam.com) On Sun 04/10/05 0415BST:
The newly revised ACF website informs us that for only a $100 donation or more you will receive a copy of the 8th International Tournament Book, which will certainly be a must for every draughtsman's library. What better gift to give to your draught friends--perhaps for their birthday or Christmas of this year.

Followup Comments:

*Added By Frank Angelos (fangelos@charter.net) On Sun 04/10/05 0415BST:
It is my understanding the book will be of limited numbers and by subscription only . It will be of annotated games and contain photos and will be professionally done. I think the $100.00 is not so much for the book, but to raise much needed funds for the match expenses.

Frank Angelos

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