J.C. Little  age:80  born: 12/8/1916  died: 7/12/1997  Oakboro, NC 28129  Stanly Co.  243-14-XXXX

J.C. Little lived in Hudson and later moved to Oakboro / Albemarle, NC in the early 90's.  J.C. Little, BOX 306, Oakboro, NC 28129. He won the Minors Division, a field of 28 players in the 1994 3-Move National Tournament in Garland, Texas.  There were 20 players in Masters Division which Don Lafferty won, and 24 players in Majors Division which Earl Luffman won.  I  also have him playing in the 1986 Greensboro Tournament which he won. This picture was taken by Harvey Griffin who captured Fred Church, L.W. "Lawrence" Newsom, Joe McClellan, and J.C. Little reviewing some games at this Lancaster, SC Checker tournament.

JC Little reviews a position on sidewalk curb of parking lot at a Lancaster tournament.
(photo mid-80's)
 Ira Hinson a route salesman of Lancaster, SC and Ty Director always put on great checker tournaments there.

Deceased Tournament Players