Left: Don Lafferty, Eastview, KY vs Elbert Lowder, Sanford, NC, both are GrandMasters, and directly over Elbert's head is Raleigh
Johnson, Murfreesboro, NC in cap and plaid shirt, and diagonally from him in a green shirt and white-headed is Howard L. Owen of TN,
past ACF Treasurer before Charles Walker, He lived about 13 years in St. Petersburg, FL from '79 through '92, then moved back to Murfreesboro,
TN, and behind him is Lloyd Castello of Woodside, CA in dark sunglasses and beard who died at a relatively young age.  This is a Southern, States
Tournament in the mid '80's at Ken Barr Inn, in Gilbertville, KY. Elbert was a piano technician and owner of The Piano House, a piano dealership
and service business.  Don was a high school physics & math teacher.


Left: Elbert Lowder, Sanford, NC vs Don Lafferty, Eastview, KY, and beside Don is Herschel Smith, Durham, NC in striped shirt who
later moved to ICHOF in Petal, MS.  This is a Southern States Tournament in the early '80's at Ken Barr Inn, in Gilbertville, KY. Tim
Laverty said, "Don would switch back and forth between Pall Mall (red pack) and Tareyton cigarettes while Elbert had his Levi Garrett chew."

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