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Passing of a Former ACF President
I was informed this morning of the loss of a past ACF president. Lester A. Balderson died Thursday morning July 28, 2005. He served as ACF President for 17 years and Secretary 4 years prior to that. Les donated much of his personal time to administrative matters for the ACF. He was also a fine master player, and participated on the U.S. team in International Matches as recent as 2001. Les was a friend to many. For those of you that would like to send a sympathy card to Mrs. Balderson, the address is--6517 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Va 23226. Les's funeral will be on Monday, August 1 at 1 p.m.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep









Subject: "A Moment for Reflection"--Les Balderson

Posted By Ms. Becky ( On Wed 07/20/05 0412BST:
Mrs. Balderson informed me this evening that Les fell and crushed his 5th cervical vertebrae, which has left him completely paralyzed from the neck down (and he can not speak). For those of you that would like to send a sympathy card Les's home address is--6517 Patterson Ave., Richmond, VA 23226. Please remember this fine family in your thoughts and prayers.

* Added By Lindus Edwards ( On Wed 07/20/05 0412BST:
I was very sorry to hear this bad news. I met Mr. Balderson at Weston-super-Mare during the International Match. I shall pray for him.

* Added By JR Smith ( On Wed 07/20/05 0412BST:
Thank You for forwarding this sad news. Burlington Checker Club will get him a group sympathy card. We play Thursday evening. Les & Clint keep the GAYP Nationals going in the 70s. They had a couple of big ones.

Lester Allen Balderson

I talked to Les Balderson's wife Barbara, Wednesday evening July 20th, and she said Les has made little improvement since he was hospitalized about 2 week ago.   Although they did neuro spinal surgery that morning after he was admitted to the emergency room late Thursday night at the hospital.   He is on a ventilator and paralyzed from the neck down, no leg/foot or arm/finger movement, he can slightly move his head "yes or no" to a direct question if you look him straight into the eye.  He can not talk because of the ventilator tube down his throat or paralysis?  His daughter Lyndele is a RN at the hospital and has access to the newest procedures and progresses and said it didn't look good, but miracles have happened.  He is on many prayer lists with friends and church members praying.  His age is against him, unlike Christopher Reeves who you recall crushed his vertebras falling off a horse.

Les is on the 4 floor, ICU in the Neurology Science Center, at Medical College of Virginia Hospital in Richmond.

Barbara wanted the checker players to know Les told her he enjoyed the NC State Open and had a good time, but this would probably be his last checker tournament.  He was happy with his play since he hadn't really thought about or reviewed checkers in a long while.  She says he appreciated the plaque and hung it up in his study den.  He also felt he had some closure on the ACF transfer which greatly worried and stressed him. This also worked on his general health.  Fortunately, Les seemed to be in good spirit and enjoyed working in his garden & yard which was doing the best in several years.

He went to bed early and had gotten back up to go to the bathroom and apparently lost his balance falling backwards.  The results were crushing his 5th cervical vertebra. (broken neck)

Barbara says knowing Les he would not want to live out his live in his condition, so lets keep him in our prayers and hope for the best.

Bill McClintock told Burlington Checker Player Thursday, July 28 he talked to Mrs. Barbara Balderson and Les's condition had worsened, he is now in a coma.  Driving back to Greensboro from Burlington Checker Club, my wife told me Barbara had called to let us know Les passed away mid-morning Thursday.


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