Elbert Lowder's Internationals

1905 First International MatchGreat Britian vs US at Boston, MA - March 14th - 25th, 1905 (US 34; GB 74; Draws 283)
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1927 Second International Match – Great Britian vs US at Hotel Alamac, New York City, NY - February 28 - March 10, 1927 (picture)

1973 Third International Match – Great Britian vs USA in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England - August 20-25th US remains Champs by 77-22-99, Lowder by 9-4-6 (+5 team score, an above average individual performance) (Article) (Score-Sheet)    

1983 Fourth International Match – GB (UK and Ireland) vs US at ICHF in Petal, MS - July 11-15th (Lowder by 10-3-7) US remains Champs by 68-11-121, (Article)        

1989 Fifth International Match – GB vs US October 2nd-6th, at Weston-Super-Mare, England  (Lowder by 7-2-11) US remains Champs by 51-11-138, (Note)

1995 Sixth International Match – GB & Ireland vs US Oct 9-13th, ICHF in Petal, MS (Lowder by 9-0-9), US remains Champs by 64-14-122.             

2001 Seventh International Match – US vs UK & Ireland in Morecambe, US wins by 62-24-114  (Lowder didn't play)

2005 Eight International Match – US vs UK & Ireland in Las Vegas Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NV US wins by 71-18-111  (Lowder didn't play) (Article)   

Elbert compiled the following fine record  in the 3rd thru 6th Internationals between U. K., and Ireland vs. U. S. : 3rd:   9-4-5    4th:  10-3-7   5th:   7-2-11   6th:   9-0-9

This totaled 35 wins, 9 losses and 32 draws. Over 46% of his total games played were wins. His win to loss record was close to 80%.

Using my ranking method, Elbert’s score for the three internationals was 2*(35-9) + 32 or 84 ranking points.

This placed him fourth behind Asa Long, Leo Levitt and Jim Morrison. These players scored 124, 107, and 96 respectively. Elbert placed fourth out of a total of 110 participants over the 100 years that these matches were played.  by   Al Darrow, Vernon, CT

Footnotes: information from Chinook Site, Nemesis Site, Sherman Gardner’s old Site, ACF Site, ACFB, ECB

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