Luther Jones  Age: 78  Born: March 1, 1898  Died: September 13, 1976  Location: Burlington, NC

Luther Jones was a character, popular, and well known checker player in the Burlington, Alamance County area, mainly because he was a retired barber and hung out at several barbershops which were known for their checker playing clientele. Mike Ross who knew Luther as a young aspiring checker player, played Luther in the 70's, who then was in his mid 70's.  Mike said he would contribute his remembrance and some stories about Luther.  Benny Vaughn also knew Luther and remembers the good old days at Ned Bare's barbershop across from the State Theater in the 50's -70's, a favorite checker haven which Luther and Homer Moser frequented. Others such as Jack Tate, Byron Truelove, etc.

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