2005 Mississippi State Open Checker Tournament    

Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th

Congratulations Clayton
- New MS State champ!

Subject: MS State Results:

Posted By Clayton Nash (bazkitcase5@hotmail.com) On Wed 06/01/05 2256BST:

No. Name of Player Points Honor Points Comment
1 Clayton Nash           22   New MS State champ
2 Albert Tucker        17 103  
3 Patrick Parker        17 85  
4 Stan Morris          16 105  
5 Larry Pollard          16 92  
6 Earl Harvell             14 96  
7 Harold Thornton    14 86  
8 Hugh Hawkins        14 83  
9 Josh Armstrong     14 79  
10 Eddie Moore      13    
11 Clifford Daniels   12    
12 Joshua Parker     8   8 years old son of Sam Parker
13 Dr. Joseph Fasold     5    
14 Samuel Parker         3    

Played in Tupelo, Mississippi Itawamba Community College Tupelo Campus, in the cafeteria...you might want to visit the birthplace of Elvis while you are here, which is located about 2 miles from where we will be playing and I will be more than happy to show people how to get there.

This was a small turn out due to it being memorial day weekend...

We have voted to change the dates for next year, which will likely be the first weekend in June, which I don't think conflicts with any tournament dates already in place so hopefully better attendance next year and a LOT more prize money

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