Years of Change

- 1898 to 1911  played GAYP (freestyle)

- 1912     went to the 2-move opening adopted & approved by the A.C.F.

- 1914     Newell Banks put on an exhibition.  Mr. Banks from USA challenged and played Richard Jordan
of Scotland who was the World Champion to a tie.  Mr. Banks played Richard Jordan again in
1917 and won the World Title.  He held the World Championship until 1922 and lost it to Asa
Long of the United States.  Newell Banks challenged again in 1934 and won it again, but lost it
back to Asa Long the same year.

- 1916     the Association tried the GAYP (freestyle) again but was voted out.

- 1925     there was an imposter who tried to enter the tournament under a false name and wasn't
allowed to play; however, he was paid $25.00 for an exhibition.

- 1955     play went from 4 days to 3 days.

- 1966     adopted the Swiss-System as the style of play according to the A.C.F.

- 1968     adopted the 3-move opening and the honor points system to break ties in total game points
according to the rules of the A.C.F.

- 1975     opened play to other states to increase the number of entries.

- 1980     moved the tournament to Omaha.  With John Pestal's efforts the entrants total doubled in number.

- 1990     went from two days to one day.  The power of office was then passed on from the great Lloyed
Mills to our John Pestal.

                                                          Submitted by Dave Stovie

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