2005 National Youth - Checker Tournament 

ACF Sponsored - 2005 Youth Tournament
June 18-19th, 2005 in Dublin, Ohio
Greetings to the young Checker players:

Thanks to the efforts of Clayton Nash and Kim Willis things are happening in the World of Checker/Draughts and the ACF. According to Mr. Nash's BBS posting there will now be a ACF Youth Tournament that will be held the week-end before the ACF GAYP Nationals in Dublin,Ohio June 20-24th. Clayton and Kim have offered their time to be the tournament organizers and tournament referees. Also word has arrived from Mr. Josh Bricker of the Dublin Hotel and Tourism Department that the City of Dublin has agree to provide the ACF Youth Tournament with a free room for that week-end ! Many thanks to the City Fathers for doing this for our youth. Any youth at hat are interested can reach Clayton at: bazkitcase5@hotmail.com Clayton will be in close communications with Kim Willis and any of you interested should contact Clayton ASAP so they can know how to plan for this important event.

This morning I had an important phone conversation with one of our top ACF supporters. As a result there is now money available for awards and some prize money, etc. The youth of today who play Checkers/Draughts is the future of our game and the future of the ACF. We need your contributions to make this event a success and to encourage as many youth as possible to attend and compete. More information will appear as the event develops. Your support is critical, please help if you can. On another note I am considering a reduced ACF membership for youth that will include the ACF Bulletin being electronically sent. Price, etc. to yet be set. The ACF is doing all it can to attract and keep the youth of today in this wonderful game and in the ACF as life long members. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions millhone@wirefire.com

Sincerely: Alan Millhone,
President, American Checker Federation


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