2005 National Youths  - Checker Tournament
ACF Sponsored - 2005 Youth Tournament
June 18-19th, 2005 in Dublin, Ohio

From the President's Desk: 2005-06-03

" The Arthur Niederhoffer 2005 ACF Youth Tournament "


" Arthur Niederhoffer, 1918-1981 was a lover of checkers who played daily in Coney Island in New York. His favorite games were Old Fourteenth and the Cross. He was a great collector of books, and among his favorites was a completely annotated copy of the Bristish Draughts Player with his own pasted inserts at the end that covered First thru Fourth Position. He is a founder of John Jay University, ranked at times as the leading political science university in the world. He is the author of two of the major books on criminology, " Behind The Shield" and "The Gang". He served as a policeman for 20 years, from 1941-1961 and along the way received his Ph D in sociology from the NYU and law degree from Brooklyn College. he was a man of many talents and proficiencies including dancing, tennis, ice skating, and writing. He introduced his 3 children to checkers and they still play, especially his son Victor who subsequently took lessons from Tom Wiswell over a 25 year period and wrote about his experiences in a chapter in his best selling book " The Education of a Speculator" . Above all, Arthur Niederhoffer loved to teach and loved children, and was a man of infinite kindness and acceptance. He would be particularly pleased to know that his example has inspired a youth tournament where kids can learn a great game. many have said that they never met a person who didn't love Artie as a brother--. Victor Niederhoffer--

Mr. Victor Niederhoffer has generously funded this years youth tournament that is being held the week-end before the ACF GAYP National Tournament. I want to publicly thank Mr. Niederhoffer for being so generous and having the interest in our youth to make this event possible.


Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
" Alan Millhone, ACF President "

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