Leonard Hickman was an affable gentleman who enjoyed playing and supporting checkers. Frank Davis announced at the 2013 Tennessee State Open business meeting that he received a letter from Mr. Leonard Hickman's attorney stating his will gifted the Tennessee Checker Association $10,000.00 which was to be distributed as prize funds to the Majors and Minors in an effort to encourage, persuade, and promote younger player to the Tennessee State Open.  The gift come with explicit instructions as to spread the money over a ten year period at $1,000 per year, $500 to each group, starting in 2014.  We appreciate this thoughtful and generous gift and hopefully we will be able to build our youth checker programs so we can have more youth at our tournaments and accomplish Leonard's wishes. Mr. Hickman was a faithful participant in the Checker Tournament Circuit.

11/3/1933 – 1/2/2013

2009 Tennessee 3-Move Open - Americas Best Value, Lebanon, TN - March 6th - 8th
"Dedicated to the memory & honor of Gene Lindsey"


Leonard Hickman v Willis Shewcraft | 75th Illinois 101 County Checker Tournament
October 3rd - 4th 2009 in mall in Marion, IL at the Illinois Centre Mall Food Court

Leonard Hickman | 2008 Tennessee Open


2006 TN - 2nd Rd. Leonard Hickman,  vs Alex Holmes,  Earl Harvell  vs Ken Christian, Jim Poland  vs Harvey Powell


The Daily Herald – Columbia, TN 8/10/2008 article
on Hickman

2004 Tennessee State Open Checker Tournament | March 5th -7th 2004  Best Western - Lebanon, Tennessee Leonard Hickman, Wayne Jackson vs Dale Hedrick


JR Smith v Leonard Hickman | Alabama / District 5 "Basil Case Memorial" | Galley Restaurant, Haleyville, AL Nov 9th -10th 2012

2012 3-Move National "Hugh R. Burton Tournament Honoree" July 30th thru August 4th 2012 in Lebanon, TN

R-L kneeling: Shelby Mays, Alex Holmes, 2nd Row standing: George Gerhauser, Raleigh Johnson, Earl Morrison, Leonard Hickman, Paul Hines, James Martin, JR Smith, Maughan Desmond, Joe Coleman, Bill McClintock, Teal Stanley, George Stallsworth, 3rd Row standing: Bull Gullett, Ray Shelly, Larry Atwood, Jim Morrison, Joe Weaver, Ken Christian, Harley Hoshstetler, Jack Francis, Jeff Webster, John Estes, Alan Millhone, John Acker, Larry Keen, Joe Moore, Jr., Harvey Kelley, Hollis McClard, Grover Minor, Alex Moiseyev, Frank Davis, missing: Ron King, Lubabalo Kondlo, Joe Schwartz, Tim Laverty, Richard Hallett, John Webster, Phil Schwartzberg, and Dr. Robert Schuffett.


Leonard Hickman v Earl Kennell | Illinois State Open | April 2nd & 3rd 2011


Ken Shultz v Leonard Hickman | Alabama / District 5, Galley Restaurant, Haleyville, AL | November 11th & 12th 2011


Leonard Hickman | Alabama / District 5, Galley Restaurant, Haleyville, AL | November 11th & 12th 2011


Leonard Hickman | Alabama / District 5, Galley Restaurant, Haleyville, AL | November 11th & 12th 2011


Row 1, L to R:  Jennifer Kelton, IL  Ramon Dionisio, IL  Alex Holmes, IN  Ethan Evans, IL  John Acker, OH  Howard Hoover, IL  Roger Doll, IL  CM-Albert Tucker, LA Row 2, L to R:
Flavious Burgess, KY  Ted Williamson, WV  Leonard Hickman, TN  Earl Harvell, TX  IM-Michael Holmes, KY  Gary Ellison, IL  Don West, KY  Row 2, L to R:  Earl Kennell, IN
Willis Shewcraft, KY  Byron Woolum, KY  Bill Wethington, MO  Ken Shultz, TN Jerry Childers, AR (didn't play)  John Grisley, IL  Gene Ellison, IL (no present)


1st three row L-R: Larry Keen, Nick Addante, Neil Wenberg, Earl Kennett, Flavious Burgess, Howard Hoover, Leonard Hickman, Ted Williamson, Bob Rice,  Vonda Jones, Alan Millhone, Kim Willis, Alex Moiseyev,
Alex Holmes, Michael Holmes, Byron Polanco, Jennifer Kelton, Roger Blaine, Ken Christian, Harvey Powell, Gary Ellison, Ken Shultz, Last Row:  Don West, Frank Davis, Gene Ellison,  John Grisley.


L to R- 1st Row:  Earl Kennell, Brandon Like, Leonard Hickman, Jerry Childers, Jennifer Kelton, Kim Willis, Gayle Helterbrand, Bobby Smith, L to R- 2nd Row:  Joe Tucker, Howard Hoover, Cody Short, Gary Ellison, Alan Millhone, Bill Wethington L to R- 3rd Row: Gene Ellison, Flavious BurgessRoger Doll, Wade Holder, John Cohen, Don VerbleL to R- 4th Row: Larry Pollard, Willis Shewcraft, Byron Woolum, Kenneth Ellison, Don West, John Grisley


Thursday, September 6, 2007 Mr. Steven Eugene "Gene" Lindsay died around 10:30 AM today of a heart attack!
Route 7, 1993 Wanda Terr. Drive, Morristown, TN 37814

Gene Lindsay was an excellent Master Checker Player, a very good friend, and a fine individual to all who played and knew him.  His untimely death left a void in the checker community.  Some of us knew him in person and others from tournaments but he was well liked and loved by all who came to know him. Gene Lindsay’s estate left a large endowment to several checker organizations.

DOB: 5/14/1955 - DOD: 9/6/2007


Gene Lindsay v Teal Stanley – 2004 Old Dominion State Open, Virginia


2005 Tennessee State Open | March 4th - 6th, 2005 | Best Western Executive Inn - Lebanon, TN


We announced Gene's 50th birthday on May 14th at the
2005 NC State Open in Greensboro, NC


Gene at the 2006 TN Open


101st Illinois Open State | April 1st & 2nd, 2006 -  Illinois Centre Mall in Marion, Illinois - Larry Keen v Gene Lindsay

Gene Lindsay and Keith Weaver at the 2007 National Tournament - photo by Bob Murr


2007 "Derek Oldbury Memorial" GAYP National | July 23rd through 27th in Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel and Casino

L-R: Nico Pradenas, Alex Weaver, Francesco La Rocca, John Cardie,  Tim Laverty, Paul Bryan, back: Gene Lindsay, Hollis McClard 


2007 GAYP National | July 23rd through 27th in Las Vegas | Ray Shelly & Gene Lindsay


2007 GAYP National | July 23rd through 27th in Las Vegas | Betty, Gene, John, Mickey, Shane McCosker


Gene won The Danish Open in 2007


Gene Lindsey, winner of the 2002 Georgia Checker Tournament held at the recreation center, Calhoun, GA.
Photo taken in the fall of 2002 by Howard Gain

  Gene served as Official Referee & Scorekeeper at our
1997 GAYP National Tournament at Howard Johnson in Greensboro.


The 89th Annual Virginia Open Checker Tournament | Sep 15th - 16th, 2006 | Super 8 Motel in Bedford, Virginia | L to R Front:  Fred Taylor, Paul Heavener, John Webster, Buck Smith,
L to R Back:  Ted Taylor, Kevin Burks, JR Smith, Gene Lindsay, Billy McClintock, Mike Ross, Teal Stanley, Jim Stokes, Wade Holder, Joe McClellan


8th International Match between US, Great Britain &Ireland - Played September 26th - 30th, 2005 in Las Vegas Plaza Hotel U. S. Team -  Sitting L-R:  1) Leo Levitt, CA  2) Tim Laverty, NC  3 ) Richard Beckwith, OH  4) John Webster, NC  5) Gerry Lopez, CA  Standing L-R:   6) Alan Millhone, OH  7) Anthony Bishop, TN  8) Gene Lindsay, TN  9) Joe Schwartz, FL  10) Michael Holmes, KY  11) Jim Morrison, KY  12) Charles Walker, MS  Alternates:  Alan Millhone, OH, Gerry Lopez, CA, Charles Walker, MS, and  Al Darrow, CT (no picture)  Clayton Nash, MS as player (no picture)


2005 Tennessee State Open - Lebanon, TN  | r-l: sitting: Bill McClintock, Teal Stanley, Alex Moiseyev, Perry McCracken, Deborah Burge, Vonda Jones, Kimberly Willis, Howard Gain, Standing: Max Macheca, Earl Harvell, Dale Hedrick, Mike Ross, Clayton Nash, JR Smith, Lynn Steelman, John Webster, Roy Finster, John Estes, Don Brattin, Herbert Reed, Jim Morrison, Jennifer Kelton, Frank Davis, Larry Pollard, Albert Tucker, Hugh Burton,  Ken Christian (hidden), Ken Schultz, Byron Woolum, Josh Armstrong, Michael Holmes, Gene Lindsay, Jim Stokes, Don West, Jim Poland, Willis Shewcraft, Robert Shuffett, Jonathon Chappell, Paul Dingler, Hollis McClard, Morris Pettijohn, Larry Keen,  Lamar McBrayer, Leonard Hickman, Bill Wethington, Shelby Mays, Alan Millhone, Denny Bullington, Jan Bulstra 

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