Noel Boland Texas  (I'll add obituary later)

According to John Webster who provided a bit of checker trivia about this 1994 3-Move Garland, TX National tournament, said "It was the same Hotel outside of Dallas where the movie "Giant" starred Rock Hudson was partly filmed. A "scene" in the hotel where the fight took place and Noel showed them the room. Noel was the sponsor/director of this National."  He also was the promoter and sponsor of many Southern Tournament.  Another tidbit of trivia, they all got together Friday night and celebrated or toasted to the honor of Derek E. Oldbury.  DEO had died just a month earlier July 9, 1994 and Webster said they gave him a fitting send off with many stories, recollections, and raised glasses. Dr. Tinsley held morning devotion, and Tim Laverty played the piano.  Don Brattin was referee. John remembered there were 75 entrants. Wayne Gober's wife Terry made a super video on this National, capturing many of the checker greats at the time. I plan to make this available on DVD.  I understand that the wives and ladies took in several tours around Dallas during the tournament and one included the famous Texas spread where "Dallas", the hit classic 80's TV series was filmed and this large ranch with its stately mansion was a museum with artifacts and memorabilia from the show, which some of the wives said, "it is much smaller that it appeared on TV."  Also when Noel died the Southern Tournament took a hit because nobody knew anything about the funds or his business pertaining to it. 

1994 3-Move Garland, TX