Robert G. Rob Braxton age: 82, born: 6/20/1937 died: 6/04/1998, Siler City, NC  Chatham Co. 27344  238-54-XXXX

Rob was a regular at Crutchfield's general store at Crutchfield Crossroads, an old timeie cinderblock country store with a covered wagon on the roof. A big drive through gable roof covered front store entrance including two tall glass window gas pumps. Everybody from Chatham Co. and Siler City, knew it was straight up Snow Camp Rd about 6 miles from Siler City at Crutchfield Crossroads, where Silk Hope Road crosses.  This was one of the last great checker playing hangouts.  For years it was the favorite spot for the best players in the state to find the best opponent of the game.  State champs and the best checker talent was always dropping in to catch a game.  This was a busy place before the state tournament, southeastern, and southern playoffs. Elbert Lowder, Junior Moon, George McPherson, Billy Duncan, Harvey Professor Brookbank, Darrel Moser, Harold Terry, and Rob Braxton were a few of the qualified regulars, including Jesse who welcome a game between customers.  Jesse died in 1963 leaving his daughter, Mrs. Seagroves who run the store, kept it countrified, and welcomed the checker playing for about 2 1/2  more decades. Since then the store has been sold to several different owners, the wagon has been long gone (rotted) from the roof, and no more checkers.  (Newspaper Article

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