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Subject: 8 pieces ending database completed !

Posted By Alex Moiseyev (omela@juno.com) On Thu 07/07/05 1644BST:
The program Plus600, Russian program Champion, proved again it's leading position among programs ! Today it was an official announcement, that first time in history 8 pieces ending database completed (and tested) in Russian checkers !

Congratulations to programmer Sergey Startzev !

A. Moiseyev

Follow up Comments:

1) There are Russian checkers or shahski on Board 8x8 with fly Kings and men jump back
    and International Checkers on Board 10x10, 50 squares, 20 pieces on each side, 40 pieces
    in total. Initial position includes 4 rows with 5 mans on each row.
2) The program "PLUS600" was written for Russian checkers / shashki. There are several strong
    programs wrote for Russian Checkers in the past several years. PLUS600 is an active Champion
    by winning a Russian programs tournament couple years ago.
3) 8 pieces ending database in Russian checkers / shahski was completed by PLUS600 program 2 days
    ago first time in history !
    The programmer Sergey Startzev also mentioned that total number of all positions in database is exactly
    the same as in Chinook and other draughts 8 pieces database, because difference in rules has no impact
    on this number.
4) As of today there is no 8 pieces ending database in International checkers.

Yuriy Anikeev     

Alexander Getmanski   


Roberts Misans

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