26 September 2011- email to Alan Millhone

From: "Mfuzo Dyira" <m.dyira@gbsbank.co.za>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 08:53:12 +0200
To: AMERICAN CHECKERS FEDERATION<millhone@wirefire.com>; alan millhone<alan.millhone@gmail.com>
Subject: Photo 1,2,3

Molo Alan,


We had provincial (Eastern Cape) games on Saturday and Sunday the 24th & 25th September 2011.
They were held in my home town, Grahamstown. There were 40 people coming from the following regions: Nelson Mandela Metro (Port Elizabeth),
Buffalo City (East London), Amathole (King Williamstown), & Cacadu (Grahamstown).

These are some of the first team scores. Will send you accurate scores and report later:




 Barkina Faso Nonyukela 6  T Foce 0
 Lubabalo Kondlo 6  Sipho Njini 0
 Madoda Feni 6  Zwelenkosi Mbanya 4
 Siphiwo Mani 6  Mfuzo Dyira 4
 Ntywiri Twele 6  Sipho Mthwa 0
 Lubabalo Kondlo 6  H Bheja 1
 Ntywiri Twele 6  Sipho Mthwa 1
 Barkina Faso Nonyukela 3  Sipho Njini 3
 Lubabalo Kondlo 6  T Foce 0

Will send you more photos. We have also created facebook for the Eastern Cape Draughts Association. We still have a lot to upload.

Mfuzo Dyira-1.jpg (136498 bytes)Mfuzo Dyira-2.jpg (101267 bytes)Mfuzo Dyira-3.jpg (108650 bytes)

Yours in Checkers
Mfuzo Dyira PRO
073 345 9540

From: "Mfuzo Dyira" <m.dyira@gbsbank.co.za>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 12:45:49
To: lubabalo nicholas<lubabalo2005@yahoo.com>
Cc: <alan.millhone@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Answer

Hi Guyz,

This is the problem with MSSA. Nobody knows the calendar of events except
Colin. As far as Draughts are concerned there is no activity. I'm still
waiting for the day when the MSSA Board of Control will do something for the
Eastern Cape. Our association pays membership fees & nothing happens. That's
like wasting your money. You pay because you expect A, B & C.

Kind Regards

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 Dear Lubabalo

There are only two events left on the Calendar for 2011, that is the
Western Cape Championships (29 & 30 October 2011) and the S A Nationals on
10 & 11 December 2011 to be played in Johannesburg.

As yet, the MSSA has not received or processed any new applications for
membership from:

     Nelson Mandela Bay Draught Association
     Makana Draught Association
     King Williamstown and surrounding areas Draught Association
     East London Draught

As stated in an earlier e-mail, the MSSA wants the individual clubs to
affiliate to the MSSA. The MSSA runs a Board of Control to administer the
affairs of the Eastern Cape.

As far as playing in the championship is concerned, you are entitled to
play in the championship, but, you must make it quite clear that you
represent the club that is affiliated to the MSSA.

Best regards


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Subject: Thanks

Hi Colin. The calendar looks good will you also send me 2011 calendar. The
guys here in PE, they told me they joined MSSA, is that true and they even told
me they have slip of the payment. I've been telling them to join MSSA.
Thanks for Thembile's contacts and we spoke yesterday. Tomorrow I'm going to
Grahamstown to watch PE V/S THE COMBINE that is Grahamstown,
Kingwilliamstown, Peddie and East London these guys are good. Will you allow
me to play? That will help me get gametime and surely I will get something I
can use in Italy and is a friendly anyway. Regards Lubabalo

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