2005 Scottish Open Draughts Championships   

Subject: Final Results Scottish Open

Posted By Dennis Pawlek (DennisPawlek@lycosxxl.de) On Tue 07/26/05 1207BST:
Congratulations to Tom Watson who made a great comback and Graham Young for hosting the event. Top 5 Masters: 1st T. Watson 31 pts, 2nd J. Grant 28 pts, 3rd Colin Young 25 pts, 4th S. Phillips 22 pts, 5 th B. Coll + D. Oliphant 21 pts.

J.McGill won it 6 times. James Ferrie won 6 times.. Tom Watson won it now 6 times as well.  Stewart 5 times. James Marshall won it 4 times.

Added By Lindus Edwards (nospam@nospam.com) On Tue 07/26/05 1207BST:
My late father, Bill Edwards, played in four Scottish Championships, winning three and finishing as runner-up in one. His highest score was 33 points in one of these events, defeating McGill, Marshall, Watson, Grant and others.
My father always regarded the Scottish Open as the toughest of all British events.

Added By Jim Loy (jimloy@jimloy.com) On Tue 07/26/05 1207BST:
I knew McGill was good. But I didn't know he was really good. Wyllie never won it (except for match championships), did he?

* Added By Ingo Zachos (nimzo@gmx.de) On Tue 07/26/05 1207BST:
No, he never won a Scottish ty. But he was already 75 by the time Bryden won the first Scottish tournament in 1893!
Later Steward, Richard Jordan, Ferrie, Freedman and Buchanan took the titles!
Searight, Martins, Henderson, to mention only a few, never won the title at that time.


Subject: Scottish Open Championships 2005

Posted By Hugh (hughdevlin@yahoo.co.uk) On Thu 07/21/05 1452BST:
The Scottish Open Draughts Championships are now underway at Kirkwall, Orkney Islands (18th - 23rd July). The entries of Scottish grandmasters' Tom Watson (Glasgow) and Jim Grant (Aberdeen) in addition to Danny Oliphant (German Open Champion) and Graham Young (British Open Champion) ensured this to be the strongest event played in Britain so far this year. Tom Watson's absence over the past two years seems to have had little impact on his playing strength as he has already established a three point lead after the first four rounds.

Followup Comments:

* Added By AM (AM@AM.com) On Thu 07/21/05 1452BST:
Hugh, who is a British Open Champion - Colin Young or Graham Young ?


* Added By Lindus Edwards (nospam@nospam.com) On Thu 07/21/05 1452BST:
Colin Young is the current British Open Champion. Graham is Colin's son.

* Added By Hugh (hughdevlin@yahoo.co.uk) On Thu 07/21/05 1452BST:
Sorry! A slip of my mind, Graham was sending the update and I guess his name was foremost on my mind. After six rounds played it is Tom Watson 19pts, J. Grant 16pts, C. Young 15pts, D. Oliphant 14pts, S. Phillips 12pts, M. Eke 12pts etc.. Intermediate Div = J. Preston 16pts, J. Coll 15pts, H. Budge 15pts, A. Harper 15pts, ...

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