2010 Virginia State Open Checker 3-Move Tournament
Friday & Saturday - September 17th & 18th 2010
at Super 8, Bedford, Virginia

Mr. Bill Salot is a walking wizard of checker puzzles, he can entertain a group of players for hours by setting up problems off the top of his head. Here are three he printed up so we could win some of his classic checker books, which he usually gives away as a rewards for solving a problem, by raffle, or as top finishers in the tournament.  We are thankful for Bill's participation and welcome his presents which adds a new dimension to the tournament.

Setback of Gould's Problem 894 (1881)
by C. M. Wilder, Chelsea, Massachusetts

White to Play and Win

R. A. Gurley's Correction
Cleveland Sun, August23,1885

White to Play and Draw

Simplification of Problem 67 in Stearns Book of Portraits (1894)
By G. H. Slocum, Chicago, Illinois

White to Play and Win

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