Virginia State Championship Rules  
(VA Commonwealth Tournaments are usually scheduled 3rd weekend in September)
"The Annual Old Dominion Checker Association Virginia State Open Tournament" 

The VA Masters & Majors Champions are the winner of their respective division, if top finishers are tied in match points, then honor points are used to separate finish position; otherwise, they are Co-Champions, or if the top finisher is a non-resident then the next place VA finisher below him is selected. In the event of a single class tournament, the Majors winner is selected from the middle of the contestant field, less withdrawals, if the contestant field is odd this mid number is rounded down, if no withdrawals, then the mid number is still rounded down (fraction dropped). When the mid finisher is a non-resident then the nearest next place VA finisher closest to him is selected.  Only VA residences may be a VA State Championship title holder.

2009 Tournament Dates