W. C. Green Trust Fund

William C. Green, a checker player from Morgantown, Kentucky established this fund in a Morgantown Bank.  The bulk of the principal was collected from various checker players who participated in the Southern States Tournament which was usually held in late July.  Regardless who's money or who was the major or larger contributors of it, you have to give credit to W.C. Green for promoting, collecting, and setting up the trust fund.  His foresight facilitates the Southern Checker Tournament.  The perpetual interest is withdrawn annually for the Southern Open.  Several attempts have been staged to move the fund closer to our current home of the Southern which is now held in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Jim Guthrie of Humboldt worked diligently on this but the courts in Butler County, Kentucky ruled that the money had to stay in the bank at Morgantown.  No one knows much about this fund except the bank mails Frank Davis, President of the Southern States Tournament, a check each year just before the Southern Open which has been held in Lebanon since 2001 on the 2nd Friday thru Sunday of July, before that, it was held in Ken-Bar Resort Inn, Gilbertsville, KY mostly from the mid '80 through the '90s.  From the amount of interest we receive on the principle it's probably around $10,000.00 but no one knows for sure or is able to find out.  William C. "WC" Green died July 15, 1994 at age 66 without revealing much about this trust.

Morgantown Bank & Trust of Morgantown, Kentucky, called Frank Davis, President of the Southern States Checker Association and the Southern Tournament Director about the interest check from the W.C. Green Trust Fund this year (2012) and disclosed the fund balance amount as $7,300.00 and a fixed annual rate of return as 3.9%.  This being the first time anyone has known this information since the death of W.C. Green who died leaving no information and the bank would not volunteer any information until now.  2014 yield is < 1%.