New Checker Game room Site:      both checkers and suicide checkers


Subject: WGC Visiting

Posted By DivideNConquer ( On Tue 07/26/05 1147BST:
Hello folks, As you know we have WGC checkers regular and checkers suicide both working. Many of you have entered the room, saw no one there and then just left. Well all i can say is that this way u will unlikely find a game, or enjoy this place, as you need patience and an understanding that we are 1. In beta (development stages) while we welcome all ACF players here, we have not yet went live nor 2. have we begun advertising, hence it is unlikely that u will find too many non ACF checker players in here before we go live.

As JC said in his post below, we want to get ACF rooms up as soon as possible, before we go public with our site, however to do that, we ask that all of you start coming in and staying in the room. Even if you are not playing, have to go to work, got to idle in there, stick around in the room, one acf member sees another and they stay, they see 5 more in the room, and then games start happening. The only way checkers will become a great game on WGC is if everyone gives it their 100 percent effort in seeing that it happens.

If anyone needs any help, feel free to email me and i will help with whatever I can. Remember, if you come into the room and you see no one there, then you have to go to work or class, etc, in the next 10-20 min, leave the pc on, have the room opened, so other people see you there, one does it, two, and three, and then everyone follows each other, and this is how this will grow. Then after, when site goes live, more checker players will come in, and checkers can become one of the top games on the net.:)

If you login through the site (which is what the client is meant for) it is much easier and will be once we have many more rooms such as the ACF room, tournament rooms, etc. Otherwise you'd have to remember all these numbers for every room and I'm sure everyone would get confused. Simply go to, login, click on your game and choose the lobby! If you need further help with this let me know!

Best of luck and glad to hear you like the site!

World Gaming Center Development Head
Service Representative, WGC