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Checkers king gets his check

By Samantha Epps Anderson Independent-Mail
June 2, 2005

A 30-minute closing ceremony Thursday afternoon ended nearly two weeks of games that allowed Alexander Moiseyev to defend his world championship Three-Move Checkers title.

Mr. Moiseyev and Ron "Suki" King played 36 games from May 23 until Wednesday for the championship.

Mr. King won three games, Mr. Moiseyev won eight games and the rest of the games ended in draws.

During the ceremony, Mr. Mosieyev, a 46-year-old Russian immigrant who now lives in Ohio, where he works as a computer programmer, received a key to the city and a $6,000 check.

Mr. King, a 49-year-old from Barbados who is employed by his government to teach checkers, received a key to the city and a $4,000 check.

Both men raved about Anderson.

"Anderson has been very good for me," said Mr. Moiseyev, who won a national checkers title in Anderson two years ago. "It is a lovely town, but more importantly, it has kind people."

Mr. King said Anderson has been "overwhelming."

"Every time I come back, I want to bring more and more people to Anderson so they can see what a great place it is," Mr. King said.

The men, who have had conflicts over games in the past, had no problems getting along during this match, Mr. King said.

Mr. Moiseyev presented Mr. King with a gold ring featuring a checkers emblem in honor of his 50th birthday next week.

Mr. Moiseyev said he was pleased to keep the world championship title in America.

Mr. King said he had "maybe underestimated Alex a bit."

"Next time, next time, next time ..." he vowed.

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