New checkers king crowned

Anderson Independent-Mail

June 1, 2005

The match for the Three-Move Checker world championship is over, and Alex Moiseyev of Russia appears to have defended his title.

Mr. Moiseyev, the current world champion, has been playing against Ron "Suki" King of Barbados since last Monday at the Anderson City Hall.

Mr. King, the current world champion of GAYP, or Go As You Please Checkers, won three games, and Mr. Moiseyev won eight games. There were 25 draws, or ties.

The men were scheduled to play four games today, but decided to end the match because it was clear Mr. King could not make enough of a comeback, said Charles Walker, president of the World Checker/Draught Federation, who has been in town to help coordinate the games.

"I think they played well," Mr. Walker said. "Alex had studied up more than Suki, and so Suki missed a couple of wins. Everything went smoothly, though, and they showed real sportsmanship."

The men will participate in a closing ceremony this afternoon, where they will receive cash and other prizes.

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