Nativity Academy Youth Checker Rules 

1. Dark color checkers (example: If it is red vs. white then red moves first or if it is black vs. red then black moves first) move first.

2. Single pieces only move forward and only one square at a time, except for captures, on playable squares 1 thru 32 (Dark colors go on playing squares 1-12 and lighter colors go on playing squares 21-30).

3. A capture must be made. If a player has an option of more than one capture one must be chosen.

4. Captures are made when an opponent’s checker is adjacent to your checker with the square behind it empty. This may continue as long as the following opponent’s checker has an empty square behind it.

5. When a single piece reaches the back row it is crowned (kinged). This completes the player’s turn.

6. A king, once crowned, can move and jump in any direction one square at a time.

7. A game is won when the opponent is unable to move during their own turn, either because all pieces have been jumped, or all remaining pieces have been completely blocked. A player may also resign a game any time rather than play it out to the end.

8. A Draw is declared when neither player can force a win.

9. If any part of a playable piece is moved over a square, the play must be completed in that direction if it is a legal move.

10. (New Rule) If a player touches a piece it must be moved, if a legal move can be made, otherwise move another piece that can be legally moved (USA Youth Tournaments).

11. Time may be determined by each tournament referee.

Notes: Published play, problems, tournament results, and ratings can be found at You can also find more specific rules, equipment, and announcements there too. Another site that announces tournaments and their results is

Nativity Academy Youth Checker Club